Belt conveyors

We offer a broad range of textile and steel cord belt conveyors of the highest quality as well as materials for their efficient service.

Our main objective is to supply high-quality long-life rubber for belt conveyors along with professional service and technologies that maximize material transport minimize breakdowns. We approach every customer individually, offering a comprehensive belt transport solution, from individual components to entire systems.

Our catalogue includes everything needed for normal belt transport as well as special-purpose conveyors. The belts and belt monitoring systems we supply are characterized by high quality, long life, and efficient operation. Our services are cost-effective and we also supply on-line belt monitoring equipment and products for efficient service.

For operations with demanding transport conditions and a transport route longer than 500 m, we supply steel cord belts, and for regular operations belts with a textile carcass. We supply both textile and steel cord belts in various widths and strength classes. All our belts undergo laboratory analysis and testing during manufacturing, guaranteeing their declared characteristics for proper functionality and life. Thanks to an exacting manufacturing process and the use of high-quality materials, our belts are durable and the need for service and costly belt replacement.


  • A broad range of belts for various environments and special requirements
  • High resistance to wear and damage, even under demanding conditions
  • Long life and quality build, minimal need for maintenance and repairs
  • Steel cord belt seams have the same strength as the belt itself





dopravnikove-pasy-ocelokordove-cord-nakressteel cord conveyor belts with the lowest elongation for long conveyor routes, high strength with maximum capacity, long life with the lowest maintenance requirements and cost-efficient use aboveground and underground.

Cord EOB

ocelokordove-dopravni-pasy-eobthese steel cord conveyor belts can reduce energy consumption by up to 15 % due to their elastic properties and high-quality cover. They are ideal for achieving cost efficiency on long continuous conveyor routes.






textilni-dopravni-pasy-trans-beltgeneral use textile conveyor belts for bulk materials under normal conditions


specialni-dopravni-pasy-shock-belttextile conveyor belts with increased resistance to punctures caused by falling material





 Cord Pipe

ocelokordove-dopravni-pasy-pipeself-enclosed steel cord pipe belts for use where bulk materials must be conveyed along horizontal and vertical curves in confined spaces. They have the ability to adapt to topography and facilitate transport across difficult terrain and over long distances.



OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAtextile conveyor belts for conveying flammable and explosive materials underground, meeting technical fire specifications.