Systems for mining and power generation

For mining and power generation, we offer modern, high-performance equipment from leading global suppliers as well as tried and tested equipment from small national companies. Our great advantage is our ability to assemble this equipment into technological complexes, using our control systems to ensure smooth, reliable, safe, and efficient operation.

Our main objective is to supply highly functional, new and refurbished reliable equipment along with professional service and a reliable control system. We approach every customer individually, offering a comprehensive solution, from individual components to entire systems.

Our main services include delivery of technological complexes including attendant service. We supply modern, effective, durable, and tested equipment for surface mining and conveyance, such as:

  • comprehensive coal supply systems, homogenization stockpiles
  • stockpile stackers and loaders, combined stockpile machines
  • bucket-wheel excavators, transfer trucks, stackers for stacking of crushed overburden at the dump 
  • crushers, vibration sorters
  • belt conveyors for long-distance conveyance, frequency transformers for controlling main drives of long-distance belt conveyors and drive stations
  • magnetic iron separators and belt scales
  • transport dollies and rail wagons for taking material from conveyors and transporting them to a stockpile or other means of transport
  • conveyor belt covers
  • coal quality control systems
  • safety systems for large facilities
  • fire prevention systems

Long-distance belt conveyance

our product range includes everything needed for long-distance belt conveyance including conveyor belts, rollers, frames, and other accessories for efficient and safe operation.


Mining technology

we supply all mining technologies, from large mining machinery with various performance parameters, to mining stackers


Coal storage

we offer various coal storage approaches, from exposed stockpiles to fully covered coal warehouses, with transport along belt conveyors and safety systems for timely self-ignition detection and fire prevention.



for surface mining, we supply various types of high-quality and high-performance caterpillar load transfer machines with design parameters adapted to our customers’ needs.


Drive station

for long-distance belt transport, we supply high-performance and efficient drive stations, including modern electrical distribution systems.


Magnetic separators

as a necessary part of every mining operation, we supply magnetic metal separators with various parameters and power.