Conveyor Belt Covers AND IMPACT BARS


Standard Arched Covers

Microsoft Word - Doc Capotage UK.docxThe full arch shape allows the conveyor belt to be accessed without removing covers (for example covers with inspection openings, removable parts, with cut-out shapes, or segmented covers)


 Atypical Large Covers

Aside from standardized covers, we also supply all types of atypical and exceptionally large covers, custom-made and optimized to customer requirements.


 Light PVC Covers

Microsoft Word - Doc Capotage UK.docxThese covers are significantly more resistant to corrosive chemicals.


Modular Side Covers

modularni-kryt-newbigben-02A reinforced modular cover for transfer points with long edges that can be configured in various ways upon installation. Its advantage is easy replacement of worn-out parts with one strike of the hammer.modularni-kryt-newbigben-04


 Big Ben 2 Side Covers

Microsoft Word - Doc BigBen2 UK.docxEquipped with clamping handles for quick installation, making installation of side covers very easy.
Microsoft Word - Doc BigBen2 UK.docx



Impact Bars

  • much better at absorbing impacts than idler rollers;
  • machine-welded, custom-made according to customer needs based on several basic design types;
  • have removable sideboards and are adapted for installation with Big Ben side covers for dust control and optimum protection of the surrounding environment.