Conveyor belt scrapers

We supply our customers with proven Racoflex belt scrapers of the highest quality, which reliably eliminate various adhesive materials from conveyor belts.


Scraper types:


RacloFlex N, NT:

RacloFlex Choice tabconsists of several independent blade segments, each with its own shock absorber; blades can be adjusted individually








RacloFlex O – CC:

sterac-dopravnich-pasu-racloflex-o-cc-aca secondary scraper with individual segmented blades – automatic wear adjustment

RacloFlex O – AC:

a secondary scraper with individual segmented blades – no automatic wear adjustment







RacloFlex P:

sterac-dopravnich-pasu-racloflex-p-bubenpolyurethane mono-blade scrapers specially developed for wet recycling environments









RacloFlex SW:

150914 Doc SW UKscrapers with automatic curvature adjustment












RacloFlex Z2:

sterac-dopravnich-pasu-racloflex-z2-kompletconsists of several independent blade segments with springs for automatic belt shape compensation














sterac-dopravnich-pasu-raclothane-pasa secondary mono-blade scraper. Its dual-sided design makes it possible to quickly put a new blade into operation by simply turning the scraper by 180°; works in both directions.