Conveyor monitoring systems



The PROTECT system monitors the conveyor belt. Through online belt and seam monitoring, it can stop the conveyor belt in case of an emergency to prevent fatal consequences of seam failure or belt tear. The PROTECT system works automatically, or can be remotely controlled using a mobile application.

PROTECT belt tear detection:

  • system-monitoring-protect-detekce-roztrzenidetects longitudinal belt defects
  • detects all types of sensor loops
  • no limit on the number of monitoring points

 PROTECT seam stretch measurement:

  • system-monitoring-protec-mereni-protazeniprecisely measures seam length and calculates elongation
  • detects excessive changes to seam length during operation at full belt speed




The INSPECT system monitors and evaluates the complete condition of the conveyor belt. Belt and cord detection facilitates timely discovery of the need to replace or repair a belt, preventing costly unplanned downtime. This system continuously monitors the belt during operation at full speed; it can work automatically or be remotely controlled using a mobile application. Equipment from the INSPECT line has a robust design intended for all environmental conditions. These systems are mobile and can be used for all conveyor types.

INSPECT belt thickness measurement

  • system-monitoring-inspect-merení-tloustkyeffective belt thickness measurement (0 to 55 mm) in areas where wear actually occurs, eliminating pointless replacement
  • requires only one belt rotation
  • predicts remaining belt life (based on the thickness of the top layer)

 INSPECT belt surface monitoring

  • system-monitoring-inspect-kontrola-povrchuchecks the entire surface using laser technology
  • generates a digital map of the belt and detects all damage
  • shows a 3D analysis of variable defects
  • generates automatic messages with configurable surface damage values
  • displays a pre-analysis for manual belt inspection and repair

 INSPECT cord monitoring

  • system-monitoring-inspect-stav-korducontinuous scans at full belt speed with real-time reports
  • provides virtual 3D reports with seam identification and defect alarms
  • required no permanent belt magnetization
  • provides timely detection of steel cord damage and seam monitoring