Energy saving systems


ikona-snizeni-spotreby-energieEnergy savings systems facilitate higher belt performance. They adjust load by monitoring other conveyors and regulating their speed depending on excavator output. This results in reduced motor loading and transmission and belt wear. Use of these systems provides significant benefits in the area of belt speedup and slowdown, and significantly higher transport rates during average operation.




kontrolni-panel-systemu-pro-usporu-energieRocks, water, or technical problems cause conveyor stoppages at up to 20 times a day. Coordinated slowdown or speedup along with smooth startup and very short downtimes reduce the conveyor stoppage times by half and prevent overloading at transfer points. The controls for these systems allow balanced load distribution under any conditions among up to four individual distribution points, and reduce energy consumption by up to 30 %. They also reduce stress and wear on mechanical parts, and thus also maintenance and repair costs.