Explosion-proof lighting

We supply explosion-proof lights with various technical parameters, shapes, and properties. Our assortment meets all criteria for high-quality and efficient lighting, including for mining environments with methane and coal dust explosion risk, or for outdoor and indoor industrial applications with gas, vapour, and dust explosion risk (Zones 1/21 and 2/22).

Most of the lights we supply are installed on a steel anchor with an ø 18 mm loop. Lights and armatures are made of grey alloy with a powder coating. Optical covers are made of tempered glass. Inside the light is an LED module consisting of a board populated with LEDs and a power supply. The lights are manufactured with an electronic ballast and have a self-resetting thermal breaker and overvoltage protection.



Explosion-proof lighting is most often used in the following industrial sectors:

  • gassy mines
  • refineries and chemical plants
  • compressor stations
  • crude oil and natural gas extraction and processing
  • nuclear and thermal power plants, paint plants, paper plants, mills

Advantages of explosion-proof lighting:

  • durable in even severe industrial conditions with risk of explosion
  • excellent light output
  • energy efficient
  • a broad assortment of lights with various parameters
  • self-resetting thermal breaker
  • overvoltage protection